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Kitchen Refinishing. Kitchen Cabinet Painting.

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Industrial grade products leaving a solid, durable and smooth finish

Kitchen Refinishing. Kitchen Cabinet Painting.

Homeowners and interior designers love the kitchen cabinet refinishing process, as it transforms old and outdated kitchens to looking brand new.

At Masters Wood Finishing we are a wood finishing company with over 23+ years of professional experience. Using only the most advanced and durable industrial wood coatings that are desired for kitchen cabinet’s daily use.

Our mission is to offer high end and quality results, using our knowledge in interior design, architectural millwork and wood finishing.

Doing onsite and in-shop work, we have a spray booth where your kitchen cabinets will be professionally sprayed using only the highest and most advanced products. Leaving each cabinet looking brand new and feeling smooth.

5 Types of Kitchen Refinishing & Cabinet Painting Services:

1. Paint-Grade Colour Change

2. Stain-Grade Colour Change

3. Reconditioning and Clear Coating

4. Toning and Colour Shifting

5. Thermofoil Removal

6. Antique French Glazing

1. Paint-Grade Colour Change

Masters Wood Finishing can spray paint your kitchen cabinets to any desired colour and sheen. Our industrial-grade finishes are high-quality, custom-made and low VOC.

The cabinet refinishing process is as follows,

  1. Consultation: discussing your kitchen, colour options, questions and concerns you may have, while providing a formal quotation.
  2. Onsite Work: removing all doors and drawer fronts (to be taken to our workshop). Prepping your kitchen, ensuring that everything that isn’t being sprayed is covered; and finishing anything fixed onsite (side panels and trim).
  3. Workshop: we will begin by degreasing all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with an industrial-grade product. Sealer-sanding each item to be refinished, ensuring there is an adhesive surface for the product to bind to. Spray priming using a heavy-duty industrial grade primer. Spray painting to the desired colour and sheen; and
  4. Installation: once the doors and drawer fronts are finished at our workshop, we will book an installation date.

2. Stain-Grade Colour Change

Stain grade refinishing restores and enhances wooden kitchen cabinets, while maintaining the natural wood grain texture. If you are looking to completely change the stain colour, we can strip and sand your kitchen cabinets and doors, while then staining them to the desired colour and sheen.

3. Reconditioning and Clear Coating

If you enjoy the look of your existing kitchen cabinets and their current stain colour, the same colour renewal, reconditioning and clear coating option may be the best process for you.

Over the years kitchens begin to look old due to wear-and-tear, grease, colour chips and fades. So instead of changing the entire kitchen, our experienced team will go over a series of steps to bring your kitchen back to new.

Degreasing the cabinets, doors, drawer fronts and so forth, to ensure the adhesiveness of the finish to the wood. Then we will sealer-sand, apply minor repairs and spray a high-quality, clear, low-VOC wood coating.

4. Toning

Toning your kitchen cabinets will make your existing wood cabinets look darker, giving them a rich and new look; a multicoated process by spraying semi-transparent coats to reach the customer’s desired darker colour.

The reason why many clients love having their kitchen cabinets toned rather than sprayed in a solid-paint-grade colour is that when toning solid wood kitchen cabinets you are retaining the value of the wood while being able to still see the beauty of the natural grain and its unique texture.

5. Thermofoil Removal

Thermofoil removal is necessary when the thermofoil is peeling and chipping on the edges of the cabinets and exposing the MDF. MDF is not moisture resistant, so, if it is not protected, it will expand and bubble over time.

Thermofoil Removal Process:

  1. Removal of doors and drawer fronts.
  2. Same day as removal we will prep. and refinish the fixed side panels & trim.
  3. Doors and drawer fronts are taken to our shop and thermofoil is removed using a heating technique. We will then spray prime and paint them to the desired colour and sheen.
  4. Schedule a date to install the finished doors and drawer fronts.

6. Antique French Glazing

Glazing is an art that adds a beautiful, antique, and unique appearance to kitchens. It is a speciality that requires years of experience. With glazing, we can change the colour of your kitchen and then glaze (either wet or dry) any colour on top of it.

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