High Quality Wood Finishing

Over 21+ years of experience in high quality wood finishing and refinishing.
Using only the most advanced and durable products that leave a silky smooth finish.

At Masters Wood Finishing we have a background in interior design, woodworking, and finishing. As we believe it is very important for a great finishing company to have the experience necessary in wood, colours, products, and quality; which is our advantage.

We have what it takes to provide the best products and processes for our clients. Treating wood finishing as an art, while paying close attention to detail in knowing what is the best for your furniture, kitchen, etc... Nothing is too complex for us.

Quality, Details, Perfection

(A) Doors,
(B) Kitchens,
(C) Furniture,

and more...
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- Stain (oil and water-base) and Clear Coat,
- Spray paint-grade finish,
- Glazing (wet glazing and dry glazing),
- Lacquer
- Toning/Shading

Wood Finishing Toronto

Custom Staining & Clear Finishing

We stain and clear coat ALL types of wood products: kitchen Cabinets, wood furniture, interior and exterior Doors, and much more... Treating wood finishing as an art with over 21 years of professional experience; as we pay attention to every detail, while leaving each piece looking 100%.

- Using both water-base and oil-based stains and finishes (only the highest of qualities),
- Custom colours/colour matching available,
- Highly-experienced in wet-glazing and dry-glazing,
- Nothing is too complex for us, we can finish anything.

Specialty Finishes

At Masters Wood Finishing we also perfect the art of specialty finishes:
- Crackle Finishing
- Glazing (wet & dry)
- French Polishing
- 4 Tone Finish Colours


The mission for Masters Wood Finishing is to offer QUALITY; with our knowledge and experience in design and architectural millwork we will provide the proper way of finishing based on the material and design. While using only the most advanced products and processes to meet your expectations.

Office #: (416) 223 9292
Email: masterswoodfinishing@gmail.com

Spray Paint-Grade Finishing

Solid colour on solid-wood consists of (A) sealer-sanding, (B) priming the wood or MDF, (C) sealer-sanding, (D) spray finish by using a pigmented pre-catalyzed coat. We can also finish according to customer requests, and custom colour matching. All colours/products are low volatile organic compounds (VOC), environmentally friendly and have no fumes.

Finishing (1) kitchen cabinets, (2) furniture, (3) interior and exterior doors, (4) vanities, and ANY other wood/MDF item.

More information regarding solid colour paint grade process on the kitchen refinishing page.

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