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Kitchen Refinishing: the process that brings old kitchens back to life, having them look brand new for a fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen.

At Masters Wood Finishing we offer 6 main types of quality kitchen refinishing services:

  1. Same colour renewal, reconditioning, and clear coating, if you enjoy the look and colour of your kitchen, but are sad to see the colour on the cabinets chipping, fading, looking greasy, and/or are looking old due to wear and tear, our professional team can renew the look of your cabinets for an affordable price, having them look as if you bought them brand new, keeping the colour the same. (Contact us for more information… 416-223-9292)
  2. Toning or colour shifting, colour shifting your kitchen cabinets will make your existing cabinets look darker, giving them a rich/new look. Our shifting process is a multicoated process by spraying semi-transparent coats to reach the customers desired darker colour.
  3. Complete colour change (solid paint-grade and/or stain colour change), colour changing kitchen cabinets are one of the most selling options nowadays. Designers and home-owners like to see a complete transformation of their kitchen at an affordable cost (a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen). You can change your kitchen cabinets to whatever colour you desire. Our colours are high-quality custom made, low VOC, and leave no unwanted fumes.
  4. Kitchen refacing, we have a large selection of cabinet doors and hardware, custom sizes, designs, and wood types/material. If you are ever feeling tired of the look of your kitchen and/or have a look in mind and want a complete change we can replace all of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones.
    Something that MANY home-owners and interior designers have been doing is changing their cabinet door wood panels to glass. We have a large selection of glass to choose from… More images in the gallery section on our website. 
  5. Thermofoil removal; Thermofoil removal is necessary when the thermofoil is peeling/chipping on the edges of the cabinets and exposing the MDF. MDF is not moisture resistant, if not protected it will expand/bubble over time. Most home-owners do not want to replace their entire kitchen cabinet doors/drawer-fronts, so what our experienced team at Masters Wood Finishing does is professionally remove the thermofoil and refinish all of the cabinet doors/drawer-fronts (whatever colour desired). This brings the kitchen looking brand new at an affordable cost (a fraction of the cost of what a new kitchen would cost the home-owners). The high-quality finish/product used leaves each cabinet door/drawer front feeling smooth and looking brand new.
  6. Antique French glazing (wet and powder). Glazing adds a beautiful antique look to kitchens. It is a specialty that requires years of experience and knowledge. We can change the colour of your cabinets/doors/drawer fronts and any other wood in the kitchen and glaze any colour you would like on top of it. We do offer wet glazing and powder glazing to achieve a high end, vintage look.

If you would like more information regarding each kitchen refinishing process, please check out our website for more information, and/or contact us today (416) 223 9292 and/or email:

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