High Quality Kitchen, Vanity, and Furniture Refinishing

Quality Kitchen, Vanity, and Furniture Refinishing. Using only the highest quality products for our clients. Reconsider buying a new kitchen, vanity, and/or piece of furniture; because, our team at Masters Wood Finishing can bring them back to life, for a fraction of the cost of buying them brand new.

Wood finishing is an art that our team has over 21 years of experience in. We take pride in the art of refinishing, we pay close attention to detail and we know what is best for your kitchen, vanity, and/or furniture.


Wood Finishing/Refinishing

We stain and clear coat ALL types of wood products. Such as, Kitchen cabinets, Wood Furniture, Interior and Exterior Doors. Using only the highest quality products, leaving no fumes; low VOC.



The kitchen refinishing process brings back old kitchens to life. We refinish old and new kitchens: Same colour renewal, reconditioning, and clear coating. Complete colour change. Toning or colour shifting. Thermofoil removal. Antique French glazing.

New Cabinet Doors and Hardware

We have a large selection of cabinet doors, that you can choose from; or if you have a particular cabinet design in mind that you would like on your kitchen, Masters Wood Finishing can make it happen. Custom designs, sizes, wood-types…

Kitchen/Furniture Glazing

Glazing adds a beautiful antique look to kitchens. It is a speciality Kitchen Refinishing that requires years of experience and knowledge. We can change the colour of your cabinets/doors/drawer fronts and any other wood in the kitchen and glaze any colour you would like on top of it. We do offer wet glazing and powder glazing to achieve a high end, vintage look.

Furniture Refinishing

At Masters Wood Finishing our team also has over 21 years of experience in wooden furniture. We can finish/refinish your furniture to ANY colour you would like, we can recondition the furniture giving it a new clean look, protecting the wood, and/or we can wet and/or dry glaze your kitchen to ANY colour you would like. We can also transform your old/cracked wood piece of furniture into art with a high-quality epoxy resin; in any colour you wish to have it filled with.