Furniture Repairs


At Masters Wood Finishing we also have high-quality experience in wood furniture repairs and furniture touchups. With over 21 years of professional experience as a master-builder, for us no piece of furniture is too complex to repair.

If you have an item that has a dent, crack, scratch, gouge, chip, burn-mark, etc… Don’t throw it out, as we can bring it back to looking brand new.

Repairing ALL designs of wood furniture such as, contemporary, modern, antique, and more… While using only the highest quality products, so you know you’re getting durability.


Offering onsite and in-shop work if required for refinishing. Onsite work is fast, clean, no smells, durable. In-shop work is done for more major repairs, or if you would like to restore the entire piece of furniture.

Note: if you email us detailed images, explaining what you are looking to have done, we will get back to you with a quote. 

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Furniture Crack Repair

Using a special kit that has hundreds of fillers of different colours we will restore the crack in your piece of furniture (tables, chairs, hutches, and all other pieces of wood furniture).

Furniture Resin

If you have a piece of antique furniture that has cracks, don’t throw it out, as we can turn it into a piece of unique art for your home decor, with any coloured resin of your choice.





Many clients love their existing furniture, but would love to see it look brand new again. Now, that is what we specialize in, bringing back old pieces of furniture to looking brand new. This service adds value to your existing pieces of furniture.



Furniture Touchups

Using a special kit that has hundreds of colours, we will colour match with your piece to be touched up. Leaving each item looking new, and leaving a durable and quality touch.


Love the look of your existing cabinets or furniture? But, is the stain fading and chipping? We can bring them back to brand new, by colour matching to the same existing stain, having them (1) stripped, (2) sanded, (3) stained, (4) spray with a clear top-coat


    Serving Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas

    Kitchen Refinishing GTA, Toronto, and Surrounding Areas

    Kitchen Cabinet Painting/Refinishing, the process brings back old kitchens to life. Home-owners and interior designers enjoy the kitchen refinishing process as it brings their kitchen looking new, clean, and fresh; adding value to their kitchen at an affordable cost, a fraction of what a new kitchen would cost them.

    Furniture Refinishing York Region and Surrounding Areas

    With years of usage, the furniture develops problems like rotten wood, paint deterioration, spots, water damage and stains. Our Furniture Refinishing services will restore and transform the furniture pieces to their original beauty and condition. Our team uses a balanced combination of old and modern techniques to provide high quality refinishing of furniture that you want to bring back to its original state.

    Wood Finishing Oakville and Surrounding Areas

    Over 21 years of professional experience in high-quality wood finishing. Treating wood finishing as an art, while using only the most advanced and durable products that leave a smooth finish. Specializing in (a) staining, (b) spray finishing, (c) glazing AND MORE… contact today for more information.