Furniture Restoration

High Quality Furniture Restoration

At Masters Wood Finishing we treat furniture restoration as an art, with over 21 years of professional experience. If you are in search of high-quality furniture restoration services then Masters Wood Finishing is the place to call. We provide services that include full furniture refinishing, restoration and repair services, stripping, rush or weave, caning, restoration, water and moving damage, and more…

Offering furniture restoration in Toronto, GTA, Brampton, Mississauga, and all surrounding areas.

Why Restore?

With years of usage, the furniture begins to wear-out, some developing rotten wood, paint deterioration, spots, water damage, stains, and more… Our Furniture Refinishing / Restoration services will restore and transform the furniture pieces to their original beauty and condition. Masters Wood Finishing uses a balanced combination of old and modern techniques to provide high quality refinishing of furniture that you want to bring back to its original state.

The Art of Furniture Restoration

Restoring furniture is a process that requires experience, expertise and techniques to do the job and should be performed by experts and professionals only. Getting the job done by an untrained person or a DIY could lead to a disaster and will certainly ruin your antiques and your most loved pieces. Our Furniture Restoration Toronto team takes the time to do things right the first time. We don’t take shortcuts to complete the job sooner. Using only the highest quality products that leave a durable and smooth finish.


We use proven technology, products and processes involved in the restoration process. Our Furniture Refinishing Toronto skilled team can restore and enhance your wood’s natural beauty and strength while erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, dents, etc…. Even broken, water-damaged and fire-damaged furniture pieces can often be restored to a like-new or pre-loss condition. Specializing in restoring any material of furniture, from wood to formica. While also restoring any piece: tables, chairs, hutches, bed-frames, dressers, and more… Contact Masters Wood Finishing today: (416) 223 9292

Types of Furniture Restoration:

1. Furniture Rejuvination
2. Furniture Colour Change (stain or paint-grade)
3. Glazing
4. Furniture Repairs
5. Antique Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration Toronto