Furniture Restoration

Professional Furniture Restoration

At Masters Wood Finishing we have over 21 years of experience in professional Wood Furniture Refinishing. Providing wood furniture refinishing and repairs to the homeowners and to our commercial clients in all of GTA and surrounding areas. Having years of expertise and experience in woodworking.

The Art of Furniture Restoration

Over a certain period of time wood furniture will begin to look worn-out due to their daily use. However, many home-owners and interior designers love how that piece fits in their home. So, instead of throwing it out, at Masters Wood Finishing we can bring them back to looking brand new, while adding value to them.


At Masters Wood Finishing we treat furniture restoration as an art. With the right colour and sheen your piece of furniture will become a unique piece to your home decor. We restore ALL types of wood furniture: (a) modern, (b) contemporary, (c) antique, and more…


Antique Furniture Restoration has become quite popular recently for a variety of reasons, three main reasons being (1) they are of great value and hold a special place in one’s heart, (2) they are built with high-quality materials, as many of them are solid wood, and if that wood is in great condition, why throw it out?, (3) it has become a trend that many designers have been including in homes, as vintage is making a come-back.

Antique Furniture Restoration Toronto